Damp Proofing against Condensation

Windows dripping condensation, water pooling on sills, damp curtains, Black Mould growth on the walls and ceilings, Mildew on clothes and shoes Musty smells???

Welcome to a typical UK home in the winter.

We Supply and fix a unit into your loft or flat Banishing condensation from the home.


Condensation, Mildew and Mould


Creates a fresher, Cleaner living environment for you and your family

Energy Efficient

Low running costs, better Utilisation of existing heating


Gives curtains, carpets and paintwork a longer life

Saves Time

Banishes morning windowsill Mopping up

The machine is whisper quiet, Needs minimal Maintenance, and has a proven track record

The Fresh air replaces the moist damp air created by everyday modern living in the home

The unit is fitted in the roof space and has an unobtrusive louver, requires minimum maintenance and never need emptying

The unit is remote control and there is no need to open windows through the winter

During the summer the unit will automatically shut down

Fit it and forget it

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